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Adjustment of gastric band

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Adjustment of gastric band

The biggest advantage of adjustable gastric banding is the ability to adjust the level. The band can be adjusted with the injection of saline through the skin without anesthesia in outpatients. If adjustment of the band is not appropriate after the surgery, the effects of weight loss or correction of dietary habits will fall. If it is severe, the complications may be produced. Thus, appropriate and careful band adjustment is required just as much as an accurate and safe surgery.

  1. 1 It would be good not to begin adjusting
    the band too soon after the surgery.

    Approximately 4 weeks after surgery is the
    period in which surgical site is recovered
    to the normal state.
    It is not good to adjust it by force.
    If necessary, it can be adjusted in a small amount.
  2. 2 If you continue to feel the effects of
    weight loss and feel full and satisfied,
    you do not need to adjust the band.

    The purpose of gastric banding is to constantly
    and effectively reduce the weight, specifically,
    body fat. If you reduce the body fat at a sufficient
    speed, you don’t need to adjust the band.
  3. 3 Weight is not lost faster even if the band is
    tightened strongly. It may put burden on the mucous
    membrane of the esophagus and stomach.
    Loss of muscle may be increased rather
    than loss of body fat.
  4. 4 It is desirable to lose
    weight slowly and steadily.

    It is desirable to have the speed of weight loss at 0.5 kg –
    1 kg a week in the initial period after surgery
    (within 1 year of surgery).
  5. 5 In the long term, it is desirable to
    visit the clinic for a follow-up once after
    6 months – 1 year.
  6. 6 It should be adjusted by the
    medical staff after consultation with a doctor.
Purpose of the band adjustment

It makes you feel full with a small amount of food within a short time and helps keep the feeling of fullness for a long time. Due to this, weight loss is induced consistently and effectively.

If you belong to the following cases, the band should be more tightened.
In case the filling is needed.
  1. 1Weight loss is not satisfactory
  2. 2I feel very hungry in the middle of eating meals
  3. 3I can eat a large amount of food
  4. 4Satiety goes away early after the meals.
It is a desired state and band adjustment is not needed.
  1. 1Weight loss is satisfactory
  2. 2I feel full and satisfied with small meals and it lasts long
  3. 3I do not have discomfort or other symptoms such
    as nausea or vomiting.
It is overly tightened. You should adjust the band loosely.
  1. 1Since foods does not go further below the band, I vomit
  2. 2Water or saliva comes down when I sleep
  3. 3Since it is impossible to have the meals with solid food beneficial to the body, I have to intake high calorie beverages or liquid foods (ice cream or chocolate) which are not good for body (In this case, bad eating habits are encouraged due to the band surgery).