S-loop gastric banding

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S- loop gastric banding

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Safe and non-slippery S loop gastric banding
  1. 1 Laparoscopic adjustable gastric banding which is also called
    gastric band surgery or lap band surgery is the method to
    treat obesity by installing a special band made of medical
    silicone at the top of stomach through laparoscopic surgery,
    reducing the volume of stomach and controlling the speed at
    which foods come down through tightening the band.
  2. 2 Gastric band is a very effective treatment for weight loss
    of patients with morbid obesity.
  3. 3 However, as gastric band may slide down and then
    block the stomach after the surgery, the band is fixed
    by lifting up part of stomach wall in the existing
    surgical method.
However, this method has a problem in which a small wound is formed
on stomach wall as suture site is pulled up and the erosion may occur as the
band enters the wound. In addition, this complication
(band slippage/erosion on stomach wall)
becomes a major cause to remove the band or perform revision.

S-loop gastric banding developed by Seoul Slim Surgery is the surgical method which effectively prevents the band slippage and erosion on the wall of the stomach at the same time. S-loop gastric banding is method to fix the gastric band on the stomach wall by using safe-loop made of medical silicone and it is a new patented surgical method by Seoul Slim Surgery.

S-loop gastric banding can –
inherently remove the risk of erosion and effectively prevent the slippage of the band as the tension is not formed on the fixing site. Moreover, since the tension does not occur in the site where band is fixed, it has the advantages such as fast recovery of the patient and minimal complications.